About Us

Our Story

Nature Healing Ayurveda Products is a Company engaged in manufacturing of Herbal products

• Business Registration Number – PV – 129752
• Ayurveda Department Registration Number – 6/2/1/04/17

Our Mission

To contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world through the creation of innovative Herbal medicines, Food supplement, herbal food, and through the provision of Food supplement addressing diverse medical needs.

Our Vision
  • Protected local community health with nature supplement
  • Link with other countries and develop the Export Market
  • Develop the local Economy

Food Safety Objective

All the operations that are practiced will conform to statutory & regulatory requirements of the country and customer requirements. It is being adhered to control of internal & external issues by practicing an effective process control system covering all areas with increasing competency of our employees. We are also committed to a process of continual improvement in our food safety management system, as well as in all other areas of our operation

Food safety is of paramount importance and all of us would like to impose on ourselves, this concept initially as a habit and thereafter as a way of life. We are committed to a policy of Total Food Safety/quality, by practicing an effective process control system covering all aspects of herbal product manufacturing operations. We are always achieving food safety, statutory and regulatory requirement as well as customer expectation to reach our company continual improvement. We are monitoring all requirements frequently and verified. Also we have communicated with all interested parties as an official document.